Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

2012...random thoughts

It's always the same with me. This blog is full of dust ,it is not that i didn't like him. Time has passed so fast forgive me..i just realized the last entry was in july 2011.
But i still smile when i think about the japan expo. I will go there 2012 again ! Yay, this time with Kaze,tavaron and limlug..can't wait to go there. And it is my first time to fly with kaze.Will be fun !

Today i was sewing a present for a friend of mine. Yes yes i do sewing,but i am an ' accessoir-sewer' medieval outfits are sewed by tavaron ( i do the patterns and so). We are a great team. yesss...

what else? oh i had a great dream the day before yesterday. it was like a fantasy medieval movie...i need to write it down. the main character were called -Marijam.Cecile und Circe (circe was a man).it was quite cool...*laughs*at the end of the dream i thought 'oh will buy the next dvd on amazon then i will see the end of the story. well i woke up and my only thought was 'noooooooooooooooooooooooo!'
damn it
i don't know where this dream came from the night before we were watching oceans 13,mash 4077 and some part of riddick...

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

New design....

....wuhahaaa.drawn this night.simple but i like it for a blog.maybe sometime i will ad some signs in the blue background..mushroooms are the best.

The spoon

Back from Paris (Japan Expo 2011)

Heyho everyone I am back from Paris and my vacations are nearly over *sighs*. I still love Paris like I did at the last visit,too *laughs* Great for shopping. However this time it was my first time being at the Japan Expo at Paris. And it was...was...was... *stunning* There is no word for it. I never was on a con THAT big. How did my friend tavaron say 'It's like Japan pressed in a mall' I think she is right with that. I met my friends tavaron and mika there (it was they first time there either) and my poor boyfriend has to go with me. Well he said I was running around like on drugs. Yeah...think so,too.

And of course a bought several things *coughs* Most of them were from Aurore ( I just LOVE that french artist!) and Wakfu (I don't play Wakfu,but I like the design SOLID ART ROCKs!) . Well I could talk about the expo all the day...go for it yourself on day and you will know what it means to stand in a hall and forgot were you just came from. First 2 hours you will be lost (even with a plan...promise...)
So again -au revoir Paris- you sucked again all my money out of the pocket. *laughs* Japan Expo and the bad bad FNAC. But it was worth. And it was damn hot all those days.One day I will sell there something ,too at the amateur exhibitors.Yes I will...

Freitag, 1. Juli 2011


Well Water is the word of the last two days.Last night I was thinking my bed moved next to the Niagara falls. That was really a lot of rain. I really didn't want to go out there,but I had to go to work. I arrived at work with sucked trousers....hmmmjam. I like rain and weather like that,but it was really much.
Yesterday I recieved my Pentel Water Brush Pen. I saw this little treasure at the comic festival..Pens for coloring with water color with an own water tank in it.Nice can get them from amazon or from the boesner.
The little pic on the top i did at tavarons place some weeks ago.We were visiting the Viviarium exhibition in Munich. A big exhibition with snakes and reptiles and so....(it is now over) It was great I wish it would be here constantly.

Hmmm yes that was it for today

Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Comic Festival Munich 2011

The last four days there was the comic festival in Munich. Well ,this sounds more than it is always kind of small and smaller. Sometimes, i think, every time when the festival is hold they find a smaller place to put it in. At least this time they had a great exhibition room.
The room for the comic dealers was really to small for all the people and there also was the stage for the drawers...
Well there were some smart artists there this time (like Kiecker from the Ria Comic and the artist from 'Chrink der Unsterblichen) but the highlight was Guardino and Canales from the Blacksad Comic *goesinfangirlmode*
I was there on Thursday (there was a day holiday in bavaria) and coudn't get a autograph from 'von Kummat' (well ok i have one from an old festival but I wanted the new comic to be signed as well....),but I bought several things instead for that.
It was the first time I saw original watercolor pages from Blacksad and I was so fascinated. Guardino you are a god with your pencil and your color. *bows* I am unwoooooorthy....

I also was once lucky and got an autograph AND a drawing in blacksad comic *faints*
You had to rolled a double and the first 40 people who diced with a double got a drawing...
Normally I have no luck in such games. Guardino was so nice and I got a greatWeekly into my book.
*faints again*

the spoon.

Mushroom Mumpitz is born...

Ok the layout ,is actually no layout -so I think about it- but i didn't want to have a blank blog till I have the time to draw a banner that suits.
Look over it for now please, I'll do my best.

But I need this blog now,cause I want to talk a little but and the Toadstoolvisitor Blog is still for tavaron and me togehter, so I won't post private things there.

Many things happened recently so I will try to update this blog,more than my devart page,I think...

So now I will go on with the first real post..

the spoon