Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

2012...random thoughts

It's always the same with me. This blog is full of dust ,it is not that i didn't like him. Time has passed so fast forgive me..i just realized the last entry was in july 2011.
But i still smile when i think about the japan expo. I will go there 2012 again ! Yay, this time with Kaze,tavaron and limlug..can't wait to go there. And it is my first time to fly with kaze.Will be fun !

Today i was sewing a present for a friend of mine. Yes yes i do sewing,but i am an ' accessoir-sewer' medieval outfits are sewed by tavaron ( i do the patterns and so). We are a great team. yesss...

what else? oh i had a great dream the day before yesterday. it was like a fantasy medieval movie...i need to write it down. the main character were called -Marijam.Cecile und Circe (circe was a man).it was quite cool...*laughs*at the end of the dream i thought 'oh will buy the next dvd on amazon then i will see the end of the story. well i woke up and my only thought was 'noooooooooooooooooooooooo!'
damn it
i don't know where this dream came from the night before we were watching oceans 13,mash 4077 and some part of riddick...

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