Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Comic Festival Munich 2011

The last four days there was the comic festival in Munich. Well ,this sounds more than it is always kind of small and smaller. Sometimes, i think, every time when the festival is hold they find a smaller place to put it in. At least this time they had a great exhibition room.
The room for the comic dealers was really to small for all the people and there also was the stage for the drawers...
Well there were some smart artists there this time (like Kiecker from the Ria Comic and the artist from 'Chrink der Unsterblichen) but the highlight was Guardino and Canales from the Blacksad Comic *goesinfangirlmode*
I was there on Thursday (there was a day holiday in bavaria) and coudn't get a autograph from 'von Kummat' (well ok i have one from an old festival but I wanted the new comic to be signed as well....),but I bought several things instead for that.
It was the first time I saw original watercolor pages from Blacksad and I was so fascinated. Guardino you are a god with your pencil and your color. *bows* I am unwoooooorthy....

I also was once lucky and got an autograph AND a drawing in blacksad comic *faints*
You had to rolled a double and the first 40 people who diced with a double got a drawing...
Normally I have no luck in such games. Guardino was so nice and I got a greatWeekly into my book.
*faints again*

the spoon.

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  1. Muah, I totally missed Comic Festival! D: But thanks for the review! Hopefully, I'll be able to remember to go next year. Glad you liked it though :)