Freitag, 1. Juli 2011


Well Water is the word of the last two days.Last night I was thinking my bed moved next to the Niagara falls. That was really a lot of rain. I really didn't want to go out there,but I had to go to work. I arrived at work with sucked trousers....hmmmjam. I like rain and weather like that,but it was really much.
Yesterday I recieved my Pentel Water Brush Pen. I saw this little treasure at the comic festival..Pens for coloring with water color with an own water tank in it.Nice can get them from amazon or from the boesner.
The little pic on the top i did at tavarons place some weeks ago.We were visiting the Viviarium exhibition in Munich. A big exhibition with snakes and reptiles and so....(it is now over) It was great I wish it would be here constantly.

Hmmm yes that was it for today

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