Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Back from Paris (Japan Expo 2011)

Heyho everyone I am back from Paris and my vacations are nearly over *sighs*. I still love Paris like I did at the last visit,too *laughs* Great for shopping. However this time it was my first time being at the Japan Expo at Paris. And it was...was...was... *stunning* There is no word for it. I never was on a con THAT big. How did my friend tavaron say 'It's like Japan pressed in a mall' I think she is right with that. I met my friends tavaron and mika there (it was they first time there either) and my poor boyfriend has to go with me. Well he said I was running around like on drugs. Yeah...think so,too.

And of course a bought several things *coughs* Most of them were from Aurore ( I just LOVE that french artist!) and Wakfu (I don't play Wakfu,but I like the design SOLID ART ROCKs!) . Well I could talk about the expo all the day...go for it yourself on day and you will know what it means to stand in a hall and forgot were you just came from. First 2 hours you will be lost (even with a plan...promise...)
So again -au revoir Paris- you sucked again all my money out of the pocket. *laughs* Japan Expo and the bad bad FNAC. But it was worth. And it was damn hot all those days.One day I will sell there something ,too at the amateur exhibitors.Yes I will...

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